A Plug-in Hybrid Crossover May Soon Join the Subaru Lineup Here in Madison

The new Subaru lineup offers Madison drivers plenty of options, but there's a noticeable absence of hybrid and EV models. That could be changing, as Subaru announced it will add a plug-in hybrid model to the lineup sometime soon. Most likely it will be a plug-in hybrid version of the Crosstrek or Forester, so that's something to consider if you're planning ahead. If your adventures through the snow or anywhere else can be done with more efficiency and in a cleaner manner, you and your passengers will be all the happier for it.



Instead of creating an all-new model for its first plug-in hybrid, Subaru is smartly looking at the Forester and Crosstrek – two decently efficient crossover in their own right – to give a boost with this eco-friendly technology. While it's been kind of surprising a brand like Subaru hasn't yet delivered in the hybrid market, it makes sense that the engineers and designers want to do it right. When these plug-in hybrid models are available at our Madison, WI Subaru dealership, you'll see why their patience has paid off.

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