Keep Your Subaru Running

Summer can be a tough time on your vehicle in Wisconsin. Now that you've made it out of the rough winter full of snow, salt, and freezing temperatures, it's time for hot days and cool nights. When the temps rise, it's important to consider bringing your vehicle in for a service appointment to get ready for all the summer has to offer.

Summer Service Tips

Have Your AC System Checked

Your air conditioning system does more than just provide you with the cool air you want in hot summers, but it also purifies and circulates the air in your cabin. This system is made up of compressors, filters, pipes, hoses, and more, and to ensure that they all run as they should, you need to regularly check the components. This is especially important as the seasons change here in Sun Prairie.

Check Your Tires

You know how important your tires are, but if you've been running your winter tires now that the weather is warm, it's time to change them out for all-season or summer tires. Every tire is different, with different rubber materials and tread depths and patterns. Summer tires are designed to perform best on hot pavement, without getting too soft which can reduce your traction and safety. We are happy to assess your tires for proper tread depth, damage, or even order you a new set to prep for your upcoming summer adventures!


Have Your Oil Changed

Just like with tires, we recommend having your oil changed at the start of the summer season to make sure that you have the right oil for the upcoming hot weather. We'll also check your other fluids to make sure you have the right levels of everything to keep your engine cool and clean all summer long in Watertown WI!

Service Amenities

So why should you service your Subaru with us? Aside from the benefits above, you'll also enjoy things like our no-appointment Express Service, Complimentary wi-fi and refreshments in our lounge, a State of the Art facility, Pet-friendly showroom, and easy online scheduling.

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